Today I Fly….

John Prine says it best for today…”I’m taking a walk, I’m going outside…watching the birds and just getting by”.  My needs for today are quite small, my dreams are big and opportunities are endless!

Today's Necessities
Today’s Necessities

More to come…. as I drive to Chicago with my 2 supportive parents to board that flight to Kathmandu, Nepal.  13 hours and 40 minutes later let’s pray I land in Dubai for a 9 hour layover….hmmm….home to the tallest building in the world….can I make it out of the airport and back?!?!  Let the independent adventures begin world I’ve been waiting!

3 thoughts on “Today I Fly….

  1. Sheila Elrod

    Don’t know why, I’m feeling like a proud parent watching one of her own starting out in her new life to explore all of God’s beautiful world. Be happy my friend and be smart, God will take care the rest. Enjoy the adventure. Will be praying for your safe return. Peace and Love.

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