Prime Minister and Classy Flying

Just shook hands with the former prime minister of Pakistan in the Dubai airport – had to ask the onlookers who it was of course like I would pick him out in a crowd!! Just one of those things you can say you’ve done in your life;)

Goodbyes were tearful as I walked into security and headed onto my next adventure. Its been a mixed bag of emotions that is for sure as I always measured my worth and value by the level of productivity I gave in a job and leaving that behind not knowing the next direction has been a real raw experience.  Making me dig down into what really matters to me and how I deem happiness I guess.

The trip started out giving me a good perspective that you can’t plan for everything. I had to watch my backpack filled with my life’s essentials be checked in  and disappear behind the black plastic flaps on the baggage escalator and I can only hope I see it on the other side.  I couldn’t take it due to weight and that was unplanned but I grabbed my technology, medications and shoes knowing if I lost the rest I’m buying it all in Nepal!  So welcome to taking life as it comes!!

So here I sit at the Dubai Airport……ready to board after a luxurious flight here complete with menu of amazing food and complimentary wine and drinks.  Got a warm wash cloth, sleeping mask, socks, toothbrush and had a touchscreen tv to play all I wanted so the 14 hour flight here went by in a breeze!!  We’ll see what I get on the next one – only 4 hours from the final destination.

I had a 9 hour layover and almost left the airport by geting my passport stamped as a visitor visa and it sure would have another adventure in itself to see Dubai but after assesssing the public transit and being asked if I needed a taxi and proceeding to follow a gentlemen ony to realize he was going to the parking garage I said sorry I’m not interested in your taxi services and shot back out making the decision not having cell service or wi-fi was putting me in a hard place if I had any issues whatsoever.  Back into the airport and happy moms everywhere I am sure hearing that!!  I then realized my connecting flight was from a different terminal all together and needed to take a taxi – well they have pink topped taxis designated and driven by women.  Very nice and great little lady gave me the 10 minute ride.

I have a few remaining dirham dollars to bring home and bought a small backpack afterall because all that crap didnt fit into the airline bag and was hanging out everywhere.  UPdates in Nepal are that Rick and Grayson begin building a wall for lady who only has 3 and not 4. They are planning a delivery of 100 blankets to villagers before winter weather hits and discussion are being had about clearing a road to a village blocked by debris from the quake.  I’m going to good places and ready to take part. ONto the challenges and accomplishments we get to experience everyday as we assits as needed and also take a 8 day trek amidst the help!!!  More to come soon.   Apologies on typos I re-wrote this after losing it all the first time – uggghh

Namaste – Lady M preparing to fly

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